I am often lucky enough to be asked to photograph newborn babies and I really love these sessions. On this page I will tell you all about these special sessions and answer some common questions about them.

A bit of background on my newborn photography style….

When I first began my photography journey over six years ago I would bring an array of backdrops, props and studio lights along to photograph a newborn baby. I would spend a long time trying to convince baby to fall asleep and then pose baby for their photos. I began to wonder what I was trying to achieve in producing these ‘perfect’ posed baby images. I started to wonder whether these images would be the ones that would really remind parents of how their baby was in those early days and weeks. I started to think which images I really connect with from when my own children were first born. It was then that I realised that the newborn images that really speak to me are those without the props and posing – the ones that show the baby just as they are. I ditched my beanbag, my props and my backdrops and I began to photograph babies in their homes using just a bed, a blanket or wrap and a window for light.

Since making this change newborn sessions are some of my favourites. It feels so special being invited into the brand new parent’s bubble of a world to photograph their new arrival. I just want to capture baby and all their little details and provide images that parents can look back on with huge love and remember all their little features, their baby folds, their wrinkly skin and little expressions. I want parents to be able to look through a collection of their beautiful images and be taken right back to those first few precious days and weeks.

During these sessions I also love capturing the amazing connections already formed between baby and parents, siblings and family. Its amazing how many contented expressions and little smiles can be captured from a very young age when Mum, Dad or sibling snuggles close in to baby.

If you connect with my newborn images and would like to book a session please read on!…

I would love to photograph your newborn baby. I can honestly say that I feel hugely honoured to be invited into homes during those crazy first few weeks when a new member of the family has arrived! I have had three babies myself and I know exactly what it is like in those early days!


How long does a newborn session take?

Typically around 1-2 hours. These sessions are completely led by baby so I am more than happy to stop for feeds and changes as many times as baby needs!

How old does baby need to be for a newborn session?

I can photograph your baby at any age! The ideal time for baby to look most ‘newborn’ would be around 10-14 days old but I have photographed babies younger and older than that and have no restrictions on this with regards to the session.

I am pregnant now but how will I know when to book the session as baby could be early/ late?

Newborn sessions are booked in for around 2 weeks after your due date. If we need to reschedule your session because baby is early or late that is absolutely fine!

Where in the home will you photograph my baby?

I typically photograph newborns in the master bedroom, or the bedroom with the best light, on the bed. When I arrive I will have a quick look around the house to find the best spot.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for my session?

If you can put plain, neutral coloured bedsheets/ duvet cover on the master bedroom bed this would be great as bold colours or patterns can pull the focus away from the baby in the final images.

Please don’t worry about tidying up! I have had three babies and I know what those first few weeks are like!

It is great if baby has been fed either just before or as I arrive but I understand this is not always possible so don’t worry.

What should the baby wear?

It is really helpful if baby is just in a nappy and wrapped in a blanket when I arrive. If you would prefer you can put a plain white vest on baby. It is great if you could have some spare white vests to one side just in case.

What should the rest of the family wear?

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in what you are wearing. It is a good idea to keep colours neutral and avoid bold patterns and logos. Jeans or plain cotton trousers work well and neutral plain tshirts, tops or knits are great. Whites, creams and greys look great. If you love colour then dark greys, navy, deep reds and mustard look good too.

Can I have a special blanket or toy included in the photos?

Yes absolutely!

How much do the sessions cost?

Newborn sessions are priced the same as my full family sessions so please take a look at my Prices & Info page

Ready to book?

That’s great- I am so happy you have chosen me to photograph your baby and I can’t wait to meet you. You can book your newborn session in with me any time during your pregnancy. Just pop me an email or give me a call.